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Whites Farm, North Country, Cornwall TR16 4BZ

The Goodwood



  • Fireplace
  • Kitchen
  • Lounge area


A long-time and highly respected member of the Stately-Albion stable
of residential homes, the Goodwood was just beginning to show signs
of age and it was decided that a tasteful facelift was called for.

Whilst retaining all the familiar features that have been synonymous with the Goodwood’s success down the years, our design department made the tasteful and minor changes that help bring the Goodwood up to date and in line with the current homes being offered by Stately.

The exterior has been given a fresh and dynamic look by the addition of a gable over the front door, feature compound-bay windows and the squaring off of the patio doors recess; the creative use of CanExel cladding around the walk-in bay and other windows help create a shared and corporate identity with other Stately models such as the Woburn, Wentwood and
Windsor, which in turn serves to give the range a flowing familiarity. By adding stronger and more obvious features to the exterior, the home now possesses far more plot-options than was previously the case.

This home is available for plots 1,2,3,7,8 & 9

Prices start from £160,000


Plan I